Bagetti shows off on debut EP titled ‘New Dawn’




March 15, 2024



The prodigious talent initially introduced under the Jonzing World label, has unveiled her highly anticipated debut EP titled “New Dawn”

This EP, comprised of Six tracks that span various genres such as R&B, Pop, Afrobeats, and Dance, signifies Bagetti’s grand entrance as a solo artist.

Bagetti’’s choice of Dawn as the EP title, meaning ‘to begin to grow light as the sun rises’ perfectly encapsulates the radiant energy she conveys through her music. Each track on the EP demonstrates her versatility and musical prowess, captivating audiences with its diverse sounds and fierce lyrics.

The journey through New Dawn begins with Mirror Talk, a soul-stirring exploration of the intricate facets of love. Bagetti’s soulful voice effortlessly melds with Afro R&B melodies, painting an intimate picture of yearning and uncertainty, connecting with listeners on a profound level.

Next in this emotional voyage is Dawn, a self-discovery, and vitality. The track captures the electrifying thrill of youth and the blissful feeling of being on top of your game, inviting listeners to revel in the pure joy of the moment.

Bagetti 1

Hard Girl, is a pulsating, hip-grinding track that re-explores what typically makes up a break-up song, excelling at singing about the intricacies of how to handle breakups in a relationship, a feat she handles with maturity that showcases her songwriting prowess, breathtaking genre-fusing, and superstar persona.

Baby, the penultimate track, is a heartfelt tribute to unwavering affection, celebrating a unique bond that is unparalleled. Bagetti’s enchanting vocals beautifully capture the essence of cherishing shared moments, winning over listeners with their genuine emotion and liveliness.

The EP reaches its pinnacle with Toxic & Language, this classic Afro-Pop creation combines Bagetti’s distinctive vocal talent against rhythmic beats provided by Wizad, the track celebrates the glamorous desires and independence of young women, solidifying Bagetti’s position as a compelling voice in today’s music scene.

New Dawn is a musical medley that highlights the depth and diversity of her artistry. While the EP arrives amid great anticipation, Bagetti has hinted at more surprises as her fans are encouraged to closely follow her musical journey and layers of her artistry.