Jonzing World Welcomes GDZILLA




October 1, 2023



D’Prince, the renowned music executive and founder of Jonzing World is thrilled to announce the addition of Gdzilla to his talented roster of artists. This exciting news was revealed during an exclusive private dinner held last night, where D’Prince introduced his latest signee in a unique and captivating manner that left everyone intrigued.

Gdzilla, whose identity remains shrouded in mystery, showcased his remarkable talent wearing a mask, leaving all attendees awe-inspired. The unveiling of this enigmatic artist marks a significant milestone in history and promises a bright future for Jonzing World.

Known for his exemplary taste and impeccable instincts, D’Prince continues to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to discovering extraordinary talents. With Gdzilla, he once again showcases his artistic prowess, turning everything he touches into gold with his Midas touch.

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D’Prince has always had a knack for strategically timing his unveilings. From the successful introduction of Rema, who quickly climbed the global charts and is doing so well up to the present moment with Ruger, an internationally recognized rising star and a member of Jonzing World. Ruger’s debut album “Ru the World” couldn’t have come at a better time.

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“As fans eagerly await Ruger’s album, there is anticipation for more details about this rising star and his forthcoming projects. It is clear that Gdzilla is poised to make waves in the Nigerian music industry and beyond. Stay tuned for updates on his journey as.